Representative Mike Horner Honored by Florida Economic Development Council

The Florida Economic Development Council honored Representative Mike Horner as a champion on behalf of economic development in Florida.  Representative Horner’s award was given to him in the opening moments of the 2011 Toni Jennings and Eunice Sullivan Awards Dinner of the Florida Economic Development Conference.

“Representative Horner’s continued dedication and support for economic development is of utmost importance as Florida’s economic development professionals work daily within their regions to form valuable partnerships, build sought after workforces and foster job growth,” says Amy Evancho, President and CEO of the Florida Economic Development Council. “This legislative session was as successful as it was because of Representative Horner’s commitment to the measures that drive economic development in Florida.”

Representative Horner was also joined by Governor Rick Scott and more than 200 economic, workforce and industry professionals at the 2011 Florida Economic Development Conference. An annual affair, the conference is the premiere professional development and educational event for the economic development community of Florida. Topics covered ranged from Innovation Economics to Economic Gardening to Workforce Development.

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