2013 FEDC Legislative Agenda and Resources

This Legislative Priorities Agenda represents the Florida Economic Development Council’s (FEDC) positions on economic development issues, especially as they relate to the state’s annual legislative session. This document is intended to guide the FEDC Board, members and statewide stakeholders with respect to specific legislative priorities and legislation. It is subject to modification as new legislation is introduced. You can view the Legislative Priorities Agenda online or download a PDF for your records.

A summary of the Legislative Priorities Agenda follows:

  • Increase our State’s Ability to Attract, Retain and Grow Jobs and provide infrastructure for economic development. FEDC supports efforts to create and retain jobs in Florida through speed in process and having strong tools by which to do so. FEDC supports the budget requests by key economic and workforce development stakeholders such as Enterprise Florida, Workforce Florida, the Department of Economic Opportunity and Space Florida.
  • Protect our Ability to Recruit and Retain Companies and Grow Jobs. FEDC strongly supports transparency in government processes and funding. FEDC also believes that due to the lack of a “bright line” in determining the status of a private economic development agency, Florida is at a competitive disadvantage in attracting potential businesses. We believe economic development works best when both the public and private sector can work in tandem to provide economic incentives for businesses to locate and grow.
  • Support Florida’s Businesses.  FEDC supports efforts to create an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for attracting, retaining and growing jobs in Florida and thus supports funding state measures to increase access to capital needed for growth for Florida small businesses.

FEDC supports our statewide partners around the state with their organizations goals for competitiveness and thus supports their efforts. 

  • Creation of the Florida Infrastructure Fund
  • Removal of the QTI and QDSC per company award caps
  • Update of the innovation Incentive Fund Approval Process to match the Quick Action Closing Fund process
  • Fund Workforce Florida’s QRT request at $12m
  • Eliminate the Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Tax Exemption
  • Competitively fund the Economic Development Toolkit via the SEED Fund to allow greater flexibility in spending to support programs related to job creation
  • Clarify Florida’s Confidentiality Laws to ensure the Governor and state agencies are covered
  • Fund Space Florida’s Financing Fund at $10m
  • Rural Economic Development Program
  • Lower the sales price from $5,000 to $500 per unit exemption for those businesses located in an Enterprise Zone
  • Other policy initiatives that increase Florida’s competitiveness in business development


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.Amy Evancho – President and CEO

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How to Schedule a Meeting with your Legislator

We believe this time holds great promise and the opportunity for economic developers and legislators to work together to create a strong foundation for Florida’s economy. We recognize the power of our collective voice, network of stakeholders throughout our great state and rely on the key partnerships that enhance economic development like our local and regional economic development organizations. We have created a guide for scheduling a meeting with your legislator and we encourage you to take every opportunity possible to interact with legislators in support of economic development. You can view the guide online or download a PDF for your records. 

Legislative Committees FEDC is Following

Florida House of Representatives

Florida Senate


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You can link the FEDC Member Button to the Why Florida Needs Economic Development Professionals page we have created that outlines why we do economic development, the professionalism of economic development and the economic development community’s response to the Integrity Florida Report. The page will continually be updated with talking points and quick, simple messages you can use in your own marketing campaigns. Find more details and download the member button.

Why We Do Economic Development – 5 Talking Points

1. We focus on economic development in order to create high-wage primary jobs, expand the tax base, diversify the economy and better control our destiny. Having a strong economic development program is about empowering people and communities. It is about the process of individuals gaining the ability to provide for themselves through high wage jobs and careers that allows them to contribute as productive citizens in their communities. Tweet This!

2. Without an effective economic development program, our state and many of our communities may grow but not always in the way they desire. By targeting high-wage, value added jobs, for which we ferociously compete with other states, we increase the wealth and prosperity of the people of Florida. Diversification from traditional industries balances our economy and makes us less vulnerable to fluctuations in the global economy. Tweet This!

3. By encouraging more capital investment by targeted companies, we expand the tax base thereby providing more dollars to local and state governments to deliver high quality services and infrastructure that further accelerate primary permanent job creation and strengthens our communities and the state. Tweet This!

4. Our world economy is rapidly changing. We must stay on the leading edge of innovation to secure our share of prosperity for our citizens. That requires a combined sustained effort including state and local communities with business and government all working together to help create, attract and grow innovative globally competitive companies that rely on a similarly highly skilled and productive workforce. Tweet This!

5. The continued effort to diversify our economy is critical for our future. At this very moment other states are competing to take existing high wage jobs out of Florida. In response, we must aggressively protect and grow existing Florida businesses while competing successfully against other markets for much needed new job creation. We need to continue and enhance what we are doing well to foster more business growth in Florida. Tweet This!

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